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Vital Records.

Vital Records remain the most important source to the Galician genealogist.  Therefore, I have dedicated a lot of attention to the subject.  Although the "wave of the future" is in discovering "new" and previously unknown or unused sources, vital records will always be the basis of a genealogist's family study.

This page is the gateway to Galician vital records!

About Vital Records

Finding Vital Records

Reading Vital Records

Tutorial of Vital Records
A detailed look at reading records in the standard format used from the late 18th century up to the middle of the 20th century.  Includes a step-by-step process of reading the records using numerous scanned images.  These tutorials are useful to genealogists researching any of the territory that was once controlled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, including Western Galicians, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, etc.).  Please be patient while the pages download.

Vital Records Tour...A Collection of Examples
I've assembled a collection of records from Galicia/Halychyna that help illustrate the wealth of the documents for you and your research.  These examples can help you translate and better understand what you find.  These pages should be read only after you have mastered the basics of the structure and layout of the records (see tutorials right above).  Most of these records come from the 19th centuries, the period of time for which most genealogists are researching their own families.  Enjoy the tour!

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