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Transliteration Table
and English Sound Equivalents

The Ukrainian written language uses the Cyrillic alphabet.  Ukrainian uses a version slightly different from other languages using the Cyrillic alphabet, such as Russian, Belarusian and Serbian.  The table below will illustrate the Ukrainian alphabet in comparison to English and Polish.

As pronounced in English Polish
а a "a" as in "father" a
б b "b" as in "boy" b
в v "v" as in "vote" w
г h "h" as in "hot" (voiced) g OR h
ґ g "g" as in "good" g
д d "d" as in "dog" d
е e "e" as in "met" e
є ie OR ye "ye" is in "yet" e OR je
ж zh "s" as in "measure" z OR ż OR ź (or even rz)
з z "z" as in "zoo" z OR ź
и y "y" as in "myth" y
і i "ee" as in "feet" i
ї i OR yi "ye" as in "yeast" ji OR i
й i OR y OR j "y" as in "boy" j
к k "k" as in "king" k
л l "l" as in "lard" l OR ł
м m "m" as in "man" m
н n "n" as in "not" n OR ń
о o "o" as in "note" o
п p "p" as in "pot" p
р r "r" as in "rat" r OR rz
с s "s" as in "sun" s or ś
т t "t" as in "tale" t
у u "oo" as in "boot" u OR ó
ф f "f" as in "fish" f
х kh "ch" as in Bach ch OR h
ц ts "ts" as in "shots" c
ч ch "ch" as in "church" cz
ш sh "sh" as in "shirt" sz
щ shch "shch" as in "cash check" szcz
ь softens preceding consonant softens preceding consonant
ю iu OR yu OR ju "you" as in "you" ju
я ia OR ya OR ja "ya" as in "yard" ja

*There are several standards of transliteration from the Cyrillic alphabet into English. I incorporate several of the derivations from the popular standards.            Questions and Comments to Matthew Bielawa
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