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I hope that you have enjoyed your trip to my site and most importantly, that you have learned a little something more about Halychyna/Eastern Galicia!

If you have any comments about this website, or if you would like to add information to the site, or if you are just interested in sharing your thoughts and experiences in researching genealogy in Halychyna/Eastern Galicia, please write me.

Matthew Bielawa


Halychyna/Eastern Galicia
presentation at a conference
in New Britain, CT

I would like to thank some people who personally have helped me with my Galician research.  First, I must thank my maternal grandfather, Joseph Makarowski, who was born in Черемошня - Cheremoshnia/Czeremosznia, about 30 miles east of Lviv.  He was the one who got me started in genealogy one late night (while rather tipsy) by telling me about his village.

I would like to thank Jonathan Shea, founder and current president of the Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut and the Northeast, who not only introduced me to the world of professional genealogy, but showed me how to have fun doing it!  Dzięki!  (For a taste of his hard work and devotion to the world of genealogy, visit his society's page  (Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut and the Northeast, Inc.))  Also, visit his page (in collaboration with William "Fred" Hoffman) Language and Lineage Press.

Of course, I must thank Brian Lenius, a.k.a. Mr. Galicia.  He taught me all about Ukrainian/Polish archival resources, introduced me to the Central State Historical Archives' administration, and pointed me in the right direction for bibliographic information critical to Galician research.  He and his fellow colleagues in the East European Genealogical Society, though offering genealogical material of interest to all with Eastern European descent, focus specifically and magnificently on Halychyna/Galicia.  That society and its members are the heart of Galician genealogy! 
And to prove that Brian is really in fact Mr. Galicia, check out the images that appear when you google "Galicia":

I must thank Kit Kaolian of Milford, CT, who helped me in all matters relating to this website, its management and its coding.  I could not have done this without you....not bad for someone without a Slavic background!  (You know where Ukraine is, right?  Head towards Mount Ararat and take a sharp left!)  Congratulations on your Masters....good thing put you to work!

I am greatly indebted to Dr. Diana Pelts, director of the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv, along with the entire staff of TsDIAL (заступник директора Надія Франко, археограф Таня Семенова, архівіст Лілія Огільченко).  Everyone at the archive was friendly, patient, and extremely helpful.  Дуже дякую! 

My sincere thanks go out to William "Fred" Hoffman...not only for his incredible knowledge of so many languages and his attention in the world of genealogy, but for 'keeping it real'.  So Fred, one more time, what's the difference between ski and sky??  And which one is nobility??  Visit his page (in collaboration with Jonathan Shea) Language and Lineage Press

I would like to thank Gene Hrynczyszyn for his wonderful Ukrainian graphics he designed.  I've used some of his sidebars and dividers throughout my webpages.  I invite you all to visit his site to see all of his talent.  He's located at UkraGrafix.

I am especially grateful to Paul Gorodyansky who helped me understand how to use Cyrillic in my pages.  Even if the pages are in English, I must include Ukrainian to show the Ukrainian spelling of proper names and place names.  I could only handle this very important feature through the guidance of Paul and his webpages on the subject:

And there are others who I wish to thank, Nadiia Franko, Tania Semenova, Liliia Ohilchenko, Dr. Borys Bilokur, Dr. Samuel Orth, Hanna Makarovs'ka, John Pihach, Jan Eiermann, Andrzej Gulka, Lukdwika Gulka, and so many others.


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