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Hiring a Professional Researcher


Of course, an option that is always available to the genealogist is hiring a professional researcher.  Such a decision is purely up to the individual genealogist.  I would certainly suggest that you first try to do as much as possible on your own before jumping to spending lots of money.  You may find that the more you research on your own, the more comfortable you get with Galician research.

You may find, however, that a professional researcher is your only choice.  In such cases, you should never feel guilty.  There are times that all of us must rely on someone else's help. 

When hiring a professional, you should do a thorough background check on the person.  You should ask the professional for references.  If the professional is not pleased with this request, it may be because he/she is trying to hide something.  Don't assume that because they call themselves professionals and have good marketing skills that you will not be tricked.  Never send a lot of cash up front.  First wait to see some results, small though they may be, before committing to a long term project.

Write to your genealogical society for proven experienced professionals.  Join a genealogical listserve and post the question.  There are many fine professional genealogists who are very experienced with working in the archives, know the archival administration and staff, can read many of the languages found in the documents and are willing to drive to the different archives in the region.

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