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Family of Wojciech Bielawa and Balbina Hoffmann and Descendants



2nd marriage of Wojciech BIELAWA (19 Mar 1842 in Białe Piątkowo, Winna Gσra parish – 21 Dec 1914 in Schenectady, New York)
            Birth Record Pg1, Pg2     Death Record, Obit., Gravesite
to Balbina HOFFMANN (14 Apr 1852 in Mikuszewo, Czeszewo parish – 14 Dec 1935 in Schenectady, New York)
            Birth record Pg1, Pg2   Death record, Obit., Gravesite

        Married 9 Feb 1880 in Lipie, Miłosław parish  (Marriage records: Church record Pg1, Pg2Civil record Pg1, Pg2, translation)

  Parents of Balbina Jan HOFFMANN (also known as HOCHMAN)  ca 1821
- 17 Jul 1866 in Czeszewo, Czeszewo parish (Death record Pg1, Pg2)
    Marianna NOWICKA  14 Aug 1822 in Mikuszewo, Czeszewo parish (Birth record full page, close-up)
- 29 Dec 1868 in Czeszewo, Czeszewo parish (Death record Pg1, Pg 2)
    Married 15 Jul 1849 in Czeszewo parish (Marriage record Pg1, Pg2)


Children of Wojciech and Balbina:
  Walenty (Valentine) 1881 - 1945


  Jan 1883 - 1883
  Rozalia (Rose) 1884 - 1954
  Stanisław (Stephen) 1888 - 1939
  Jozefa (Jennie) 1889 - 1971
  Jan (John) 1892 - 1948


Immigration to the United States of America: 

  Wojciech BIELAWA arrived in New York on 1 Jun 1885 Hamburg Emigration List Text, Original Manifest;  NY Immigration Text, Original Manifest
  Balbina BIELAWA and children arrived in New York on 17 Dec 1887 NY Immigration from Germans to America book, Immigration Text, Original Manifest



Walenty (Valentine Louis) BIELAWA (2 Feb 1881 in Gorzyce, Miłosław or Biechowo parish  – 12 Apr 1945 in Amsterdam, New York)
            Church record Pg1, Pg2;   Close-up Pg1, Pg2           Death recordObit., Gravesite
            Civil Reg., translation  

     Married to Mary SZCZYGIEŁ (Baptized 16 July 1888 in Amsterdam, New York – 4 Nov 1954 in Amsterdam, New York  (Gravesite)

     Married 28 Jan 1911 in Amsterdam, New York  (Marriage records: Church certificate; State record Pg1, Pg2)

  Parents of Mary Walenty SZCZYGIEŁ (1863 in Manasterz or Żołynia parish – 1 Nov 1937 in Amsterdam, New York)     (Death record, Newspaper Article, Gravesite)  
                                      Parents of Walenty: Marcin SZCZYGIEŁ and Tekla KILIAN   (Marriage record of 25 Oct 1864)  
    Zofia TATARA (1867 in Pagσrek, Cieklin parish – 22 Dec 1942 in Amsterdam, New York)     (Death record, Obit., Gravesite)  




Marriage of Walenty Bielawa and Mary Szczygieł, 1911

Walenty Bielawa
(Valentine Louis Bielawa, aka "Bob")



The Bielawa girls

The Bielawa girls




The Bielawa clan

Valentine and Mary's children:
Eleanor, Roman, Clara, Robert, Annie,
Dorothy and Clara Bielawa



  Leokadia Born 28 Nov 1911 in Schenectady, New York  (Birth record)


  (Lottie) Married 4 Feb 1950 to William James SLOTTKA (26 Nov 1901 – Sep 1978SSDI, Gravesite)  
              No Children.
    Died 3 Jul 1998 in Amsterdam, New York  (Obit., Gravesite)

Lottie and Bill Slottka

  Ewa Born and died young  
  Klara (Clara Rose)  Born 12 May 1916 in Schenectady, New York  (Birth record)


    Married 16 Jun 1951 to Anthony Joseph JANAS in Schenectady, New York  (Marriage record)
              Anthony Joseph JANAS (22 Dec 1913 – 18 May 1968 (Obit., SSDI, Gravesite)
    Children:  Kathy.
    Died 21 Jan 2003 in Schenectady, New York   (Death record, Obit., Gravesite)

Clara and Anthony Janas

  Dorota Anna Born 26 May 1919  in Schenectady, New York   (Birth record)

  (Dorothy, Dottie) Married 1943 to William E. SNYDER  (11 Dec 1919 – 12 Feb 1999)   (Obit., SSDI, Gravesite)
              Children:  William "Willie".
    Died 16 Mar 1979 in Scotia, New York  (Obit., SSDI, Gravesite)


  Anna Mary (Annie)  Born 16 Jul 1922 in Amsterdam, New YorkSSDI   (Birth record)

    Married 8 Jul 1950 to William ROCCO (16 Feb 1917 – 26 Jul 1983SSDI, Obit., SSDI, Gravesite)
              No Children.
    Died 7 Feb 1983 in Amsterdam, New York   (Obit., SSDI, Gravesite)


  Eleanora Elizabeth  Born 18 Jul 1925 in Amsterdam, New YorkSSDI  (Birth record)

  (Eleanor) Married 18 Aug 1945 to William Daniel MEYERS
              Children:  Cheryl Anne, Richard Paul, William J., Jeanne.
    Married 18 Dec 1975 to Donald C. ARGERSINGER (15 Jul 1914 – 3 Aug 1997)  (Obit., SSDI)
    Died 21 Aug 1993 in Scotia, New YorkSSDI  (Death record, Obit., Gravesite)


  Robert Adolf Born 7 Mar 1929 in Amsterdam, New YorkSSDI(Birth record)   (Birth record)

    Married 26 Aug 1956 to Mary Margaret CLARY (14 Sep 1930 – 22 Oct 2009   (Obit., Gravesite)
              Children:  Mary Beth Theresa, Diane Rose, Robert Andrew, David Lewis.
    Died 17 Feb 1997 in Amsterdam or Fort Johnson, New York   (Obit., SSDI, Gravesite)

Robert "Beetles"  and Ma

  Roman Edward Born 21 Jul 1931 in Amsterdam, New York    (Baptismal record, Birth record)

    Married 8 Aug 1959 in Amsterdam, New York to Barbara Joan Mack (Makarowski)
                                     (12 Jul 1936 – 9 Jan 2011)    (Birth record, Death record, Obit., Gravesite
          (Church marriage record, Civil marriage record pg. 1, pg. 2, pg.3)
              Children:  Michael Joseph, Janet Marie, Matthew Ronald
    Died 25 Feb 2001 in Stratford, Connecticut   (Death record, Obit., Gravesite)

Roman Bielawa  "Ronnie"


Rozalia (Rose) BIELAWA (2 Aug 1884 in Lipie, Miłosław parish, Prussia Birth records: (Church record Pg1, Pg2Civil record Pg1, translation)
  – 10 Sep 1954 in Schenectady, New York)                           (Death record, Obit., Gravesite)

  Married to Leon OLSZEWSKI (11 Dec 1880 in Szreńsk, Szreńsk parish, Russia – 13 Jan 1965SSDI in Schenectady, New York)  (Birth record, translation; Gravesite)

  Married 4 Feb 1905 in Schenectady, New York  (Marriage record. Note: this is a special marriage record; it is the one and only record that opened the door to lead me back to find the Bielawa family in Poland!  Rosalia Bielawa's birthplace is listed as "Ks. Poz. Miłosław", "Kingdom of Prussia - Miłosław")
Parents of Leon OLSZEWSKIJσzef OLSZEWSKI and Franciszek KECMER    (Marriage record, translation)


  Władysław (Walter L.) Born 8 May 1910SSDI
  OLSZEWSKI Married  20 Jul 1941 to Sophie Barbara SAJTA in Amsterdam, New York
              Children: Carol.
    Died 24 Dec 1988 in New York, New York  (Obit. and SSDI)
  John G. OLLSON Born 23 Nov 1911 in Schenectady, New YorkSSDI
    Married Margaret E. SORENSON  (31 Jan 1913 – 21 Dec 1998 in Ludlow or Wilbraham, Massachusetts)     (Obit. and SSDI)
              Children: John
    Died 30 Oct 1997 in Springfield, Massachusetts   (Obit. and SSDI)
  Victor OLLSON Born 18 Nov 1912 in Schenectady, New York 
              Children: ?
    Died 27 Dec 2000 in Saint Petersburg, Florida
  Clara OLLSON Born 2 Aug 1917 in Schenectady, New YorkSSDI
    Married STRANG
    Married TOURNIER
    Died Nov 1990 in Schenectady, New YorkSSDI


Stanisław (Stephen) BIELAWA (20 Sep 1888 in Schenectady, New York – 27 Jul 1939 in Schenectady, New York  
                                                                                 Death record, Obit., Gravesite  

   Married to Stanisława (Sadie) STASZAK (1896 in Cienin, Russian Partition of Poland - 11 Dec 1983 in Schenectady, New York:  Obit. and SSDI, Gravesite)

     Married 9 Nov 1912 in Schenectady, New York  (Marriage record Pg1, Pg2, Pg3)


  Florentina (Florence) Born 23 Aug 1913 in Schenectady, New York  (Baptismal record; Civil birth record)
    Married 31 Aug 1931 to Edward J. BANDIS in Rotterdam, New York  (Marriage record Pg1, Pg2, Pg3)
              Children: Edward Robert, Jean
    Died 20 Dec 2009  (Obit.)
  Karolina (Caroline) Born 21 Aug 1916 in Schenectady, New York  (Baptismal record, Civil birth record)
    Married 4 April 1936 in Schenectady, New York to Robert C. NICHOL (14 Oct 1914 – 10 Apr 1978SSDI, Obit., Obit Notice, Gravesite
              (Marriage record Pg1, Pg2, Pg3)
              Children: Robert C. Jr, Joyce.
    Died 23 Nov 1993   (Obit., SSDI, Gravesite)

 2nd marriage of Stanisława (Sadie) STASZAK to Joseph T. NOSAL on 20 Sep 1944 in Schenectady, New York   (Marriage record)


Jozefa (Jennie) BIELAWA (Jun 1889 in Schenectady, New York – 12 Apr 1971 in Schenectady, New York)   (Obit., Gravesite)
Married to Roman (Raymond) MATUJZA (circa 1881 in Russian Partition of Poland – 27 Oct 1918 in Schenectady, New York
              (Death record; Obit Pg1, Pg2, Gravesite)
               (Other name variations are MATUIZA, MATUZA, MATUZJA, though MATUJZA seems most probable.)

      Married 7 Nov 1908 in Schenectady, New York  (Marriage record Pg1, Pg2, Pg3)

  Estelle Born 16 Aug 1911 in Schenectady, New York  (Birth record)
    Married John WISNESKI
              No Children.
    Died 7 Jul 2004 in Ojai, California  (Obit., SSDI, Gravesite)
  Helena (Helen) Born 7 Jun 1915 in Schenectady, New York 
    Married 10 Sep 1971 to Jeddie DISCO in Los Angeles, California
              Children: David, James, Jeddie.



Second marriage of Jozefa (Jennie) BIELAWA to Wacław PRĄTNICKI on 29 May 1920 in Schenectady, New York  (Marriage record Pg1, Pg2, Pg3)
                        (Polish Prątnicki is pronounced in English as Prontnicki, so one may find spelling variations PRONTNICKI, PROTNICKI, PRATNICKI, PROTNICK)

                                            Parents of Wacław PRĄTNICKIStanisław PRĄTNICKI and Bronisława KECZMEROWSKA    (Marriage record, translation)
I could not find a birth record, circa 1894, for Wacław Prątnicki, though I looked in both Szreńsk and Lipowiec parishes. 
                                            Births for both parishes exist for all relevant years except Lipowiec 1894, which therefore, is most likely the year of his birth.)

  Eleanor Born 26 Jan 1922  (Birth record)
  PROTNICKI Married 16 Nov 1947 to Charles TAYLOR (15 Feb 1918 - ?) (Marriage record)
    Married on 14 Feb 1953 to Stuart WASSON   (6 Aug 1919 – 20 Oct 1997 in Schenectady, New York)  (Obit. and SSDI)
              Children: Paulette Hillier
    Died 6 Jun 2001 in Rotterdam, New York    (Obit., SSDI, Gravesite)
  Dorota Irena Born 31 Jul 1923   (Birth record)
  (Dorothy Irene) Married 4 Aug 1945 to Leon Lefty KRAWIECKI (21 Feb 1923 - 23 Nov 2013 in Pembroke Pines, Florida)  (Marriage record, Leon's obituary)
  PROTNICK           Children: ?
    Died 21 Dec 1996   (Obit., SSDI, Gravesite)
  Wacław Alexander Born 31 Jul 1923   (Birth record)
  (Walter Alexander) Married Laura
  (Boydie?)           Children: Clyde, Karen, Christine/Chrys
  PROTNICK Died 24 Feb 2014



Jan (John) BIELAWA (1 May 1892 in Schenectady, New York – 14 Nov 1948 in Schenectady, New York)
                                                                             (Death record, Obit., Gravesite)
Married to Rozalia Szypura (Szczypura) (3 Sep 1895  – 30 Jan 1980 in Schenectady, New YorkSSDI
                                                                             (Obit., Gravesite)

     Married on 26 Sep 1914 in Schenectady, New York     (Marriage record Pg1, Pg2)

  John J. BIEL Born 9 May 1918 in Schenectady, New York   (Birth record)
    Married in 1945 to Jane Ann WALDRON  (27 Mar 1922 in Schenectady, New York – 5 Oct 2006 in Dallas, Texas)    (Obit.)
              Children: Diane.
    Died 1 Apr 1993 in Danbury, Connecticut (Obit.)
  Walter (Pete) Born 9 Feb 1922 in Schenectady, New York (Birth record)
    Married Vera Hilgreth WADE, Ruth Barringer RICHARDS, Genevieve C. SCZARMA
    Died 23 Sep 1992 in Schenectady, New York (Obit., SSDI)
  Edward J. Born 22 Apr 1915
    Married to Sadie KAMINSKI (1913 in Schenectady, New York – 17 Nov 1979 in Elkton, Maryland)  (Death record)
              Children: Gloria, Joan.
    Died 8 Sep 1989   (Obit., Gravesite)
  Richard Peter Born 14 Feb 1930 in Schenectady, New YorkSSDI
    Married 22 Nov 1958 in Scotia, New York to Patricia VITELLI  (11 Dec 1935 – 17 Dec 2006)SSDI
              Children: Lynn, Jacqueline, Richard.
    Died 28 Nov 2002 in Northville, New YorkSSDI     (Obit.)



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