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Photos of
Bilyi Kamin (Білий Камінь) / Biały Kamień


Chapel located at entrance to town


Sign "Bilyi Kamin" at entrance to town
(Білий Камінь)
Center Square


Skyline of Bilyi Kamin -
Biały Kamień

The Roman Catholic Church, now abandoned.  (For several years, it was used as a branch of the Lviv Picture Gallery.)  In the 1970's some children found in a hole in one of the inner walls an old gun.  Upon further searching, the town's people found hundreds of guns and pieces of ammunition hidden inside the church walls by the occupying German forces.

The Greek Catholic Church, Holy Trinity.


Center Square with memorial to victims of World War II




Stores and administrative offices on the Center Square


  The pharmacy


Markiian Shashkevych Middle School Markiian Shashkevych Middle School    
Old cemetery New cemetery   The old school
A stroll around town      
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