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Transliteration Table
For Searching the HalGal Database

Currently there are several popular Transliteration Systems used to convert words from the Ukrainian alphabet into English.  I personally find each of the popular systems lacking in one way or another.  This has lead me to devise my own system for use in searching the HalGal Database.

I created a system in which one could easily convert proper Ukrainian Cyrillic into Transliteration Form...and back again.  The popular systems do not allow this important functionality required by me for maintaining the HalGal Database. 

My system is closest in form to that of the US Board on Geographic Names. 

My Transliteration
а a
б b
в v
г h
ґ g
д d
е e
є ie
ж zh
з z
и y
і i
ї i
й i
к k
л l
м m
н n
о o
п p
р r
с s
т t
у u
ф f
х kh
ц ts
ч ch
ш sh
щ shch
ь Leave Blank (though normally this letter is transliterated as an apostrophe ( ' )
ю iu
я  ia            Questions and Comments to Matthew Bielawa
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